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Upcoming Litters!!

Please give a call or drop an email if you have any questions regarding upcoming litters or reservations.

Honey will be bred to Oscar January 2024 for a March litter with a 
May readiness!!

Our precious "Little Ones" are hand-raised in our home amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life and activities constantly going on around them. Whether its someone busy vacuuming and mopping floors, family gatherings and company or being around the "Big Ones", our standard poodles, there is a variety of things to stimulate them in our home. We currently have our youngest son and family sharing our big house with us so the kids are handled every day by our two grandsons, not to mention our other grandkids (we have 9).

We use the test Developing High Achievers formerly known as Early Neurological Stimulation   by Carmen L. Battaglia on our puppies. The test and the benefits derived from applying these stresses to the puppies can better be understood by going The stresses included in this test, the grooming process, being introduced to a crate and other basic principles that we apply such as taking them outside to go potty when there is snow on the ground are all things that stimulate their immune system and make for healthier puppies and longer life spans.

Our mothers are wormed prior to breeding and the puppies themselves are wormed at 5 & 7 
weeks of age. The first vaccination is given at 7 1/2 weeks with the 2nd being due 4 weeks later. This eliminates early vaccination which is not necessary nor effective and is too much for their young immune systems. We only give the Parvo/Distemper Vaccination. DO NOT have your puppy given another vaccination at their initial vet appointment. I highly recommend the book

The puppies have weekly baths starting at 4 weeks, to prepare them for a lifetime of grooming. The clipping is gradual, to make it more of a comfortable process, starting with the face the first week and then the face and feet the 5th week. The sounds of the blow drier, clippers and the clipper vacuum also help to prepare them for airline travel.

During the times of the year when the weather is conducive to spending time outside, the babies have their own yard where they can run and play to get exercise and fresh air.

We also introduce them individually to a crate to prepare them for travel as well as those times in your home when it may be necessary. This will give them a special quiet place of their own in your home to escape to when they want to get away from activity and/or rest. They will not necessarily be fully crate trained when they arrive in their new home.
 Remember when you get your puppy home, they will still require an enormous amount of sleep as their young systems are growing quickly. When getting your puppy at 8 -10 weeks of age, they will need smaller and more frequent meals to keep their systems balanced.

                                                 "An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language"
                                                                                                        Martin Buber
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You can now order your Snuggle Puppy's through us!! We can have yours when you pick up your baby or your can order one to be shipped to your home with your new baby!!! Click on the individual pictures below to view an instructional video of each item.
Click on the SNUGGLE PUPPY to view the various puppies available!  We also offer snuggle beds, snuggle blankets,  warmer pups, snuggle kitty's,  cool latex toys AND the "NEW" 4-IN-1 Harness!

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Honey & Oscar are expecting a (MOYEN)  litter the week of May 20th!

We will have cream, red, apricot & cafe' au laits!

They will be ready for their new homes & families the middle of July! 
Its a great time to get a pup and have the summer for training and spending lots of time with him/her.