Sapphire Mountain Miniature and Toy Poodles
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   Snuggle Puppies, Snuggle Kitties and Snuggle Blankies!!!
 " Award Winning Snuggle Puppies"

The Snuggle Puppies are excellent for easing separation anxiety, loneliness , the stress of travel,  leaving momma, siblings and our family!! They are very well designed for puppies and even older dogs as  there are no small parts to chew off  and  are machine washable. They come with 2 types of heat: renewable & disposable that last 24 hours and a "real feel" heartbeat to calm and soothe your baby. They really feel like they are with another puppy!!! They are designed to help young animals adjust to their new homes and are awesome for all ages and breeds. They are an excellent option for a dog/cat that has lost another pet in the home and is becoming depressed as a result of that loss.
They act like a sleeping litter mate and help to end the crying and stress at night for you and them!
They are excellent for people who travel (with or without their pets),  if you are leaving them behind/kenneling, trips to the vet and orphaned animals of all kinds. New/extra replacement batteries and heat packs are available. We also have the "New " Snuggle Blanket for your puppies that can be used in their crate, on the couch or the seat of your car!

We do need to know at least 3 weeks  in advance of pickup or shipping your puppy which one you are wanting to come home with your pup or we will send what we have on hand  at the time.

The Snuggle Puppies or Kitties  ($35.00) Blankets ($19.99) Harness (39.99)


You just cannot find a dog bed or many dog products that "are" made in the United States!

Black Puppy
Brown Puppy
Boxer Puppy
Brown/White Puppy
Blue its a boy
The Snuggle Blanket
4-IN-1 Harness