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Your puppy will be shipped out of the Missoula, MT International Airport located approximately 45 miles from our home. We have either Delta, United or Horizon/Alaskan Airlines available to us and have had great success using these carriers for shipping our puppies.   All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. These include an airline approved Crate, Food Dishes, Health Certificate and Rabies Vaccination if necessary (12 weeks+) and any airline fees that may apply.   Normally shipping costs total $180-$275.00 depending on the size of the crate, your geographic location and the specific airline servicing the airport nearest you. If you have more than one airport option, that is helpful for us to get the best flight connections to get your baby to you as quickly as possible. The cost of the crate is appx. $50.00 and the Health Certificate required by the airlines is $22.00.

The actual cost of the airfare can be paid COD with Delta Airlines in most cases, depending on the arrival time of your puppy into your individual airport. However with Horizon/Alaskan Airlines & United Airlines they do now require you to Pre-Pay the shipping.  However, you can also pay the airfare in advance so that all you have to do is show proper identification to pick up your baby. A government issued ID is required when picking up your puppy and you will also need either your Reference or Airway Bill Number that will be given to you when we schedule the flight. 

The outside temperatures in all airports on the route need to be either 10-20 degrees for a low in the winter to 85 degrees in the summer months in order to be able to ship your puppy. He/she needs to be at least 8 weeks old in order to ship according to the requirements of the airlines. If for any reason we feel it is necessary to keep an individual puppy for another week or two, we reserve the right to do so. We do not let our puppies leave our home until they are at least 8 weeks of age. 

For convenience and time effectiveness, we try to combine our trips to the airport so we may have specific ship dates. Be sure to check with us for the flight dates and times for your baby. It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable about having your new little one put on an airplane and travel all across the country. We assure you that we have made many steps through their childhood to prepare them for this part of their journey. We expose them to sights, sounds, crate time and alone time to make their trip as non-stressful and comfortable as we can. 

The puppies are placed in the cargo area of the plane where it is climate controlled for their comfort. We use clean shredded paper for the bed in their crate which is soft and cozy, but will also act as a kitty litter in the event they would soil in their crate. You new little one is usually happy and content during the duration of their trip, and no sedation is used on the puppies whatsoever. The thought of the trip for the prospective parents awaiting the arrival of their new little one is harder than the actual trip on the kids. We have a baggie of the Life Abundance Grain Free Kibble attached to the top of their crate, one food dish that has water frozen in it that will thaw as they travel to eliminate their crate from getting wet from spilled water, a bottle of water, a special towel that has been rubbed on their momma and siblings and a soft baby to snuggle with on the trip. 

Your new puppy will be ready to use the bathroom on arrival. WizDog would be wonderful to have available as you would not have to have your puppy use the area of the airport or a nearby parking lot where many other dogs have gone and especially if you have a long trip home. Just place the Wiz Dog on the ground in front of you and place your puppy right on it and they should go almost immediately. I would wait until you get your new puppy home to feed him/her if you live close by. Otherwise if you have a several hour trip, you will want to offer food and water and another chance or two to go to the bathroom. 

If you choose to fly to Montana and pick up your puppy, they are small enough to go under the seat of the plane in the airline approved soft crates that you can purchase most anyplace that sells pet supplies.You are always welcome to come to our home to pick up your puppy and enjoy the beautiful Big Sky of Montana and our views of the Sapphire and Bitteroot Mountains!!!

Canadian Border Requirements

If puppy's are under 3 months of age, they aren't required to have any vaccinations. You will need your bill of sale for declaring the purchase. Duty and tax (GST) will be required at the border. GST Tax is 5% of the purchase (unless this changes) and for the duty price, you will have to call the Canadian Customs Border.

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