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                                                           Chickory X Rusty 2010
                   Here is a new picture of Nikkei. She is such a wonderful pup.

                                                                    Deborah Butler 
Bree (BamBam X Mandy)

Bree is doing very well in her obedience and agility training. Everyone compliments me on how eager she is to work and how sweet she is. She is a quick learner and has an 8-month old collie puppy as her new best friend and a 5 year old Siamese cat as her chasing companion.

However, she is beginning to show off her "poodleness" when training doesn't quite follow her
expectations. She always relents in the end.. She will resume her duck herding this spring and it is very possible that the first title she earns will be a Junior Herding Dog (JHD) on ducks through the American Herding Breed Association (AHBA).

She will also have the benefit of attending her first obedience seminar this June. I continue to be very happy with her and she is very happy with us. I will let you know how we are doing as we move forward.

     Bree is the spitting image of her daddy!!

Another Letter (from Toffee)

Happy New Year!

I survived three parties in the last two months! Wow!

The first was Thanksgiving with all sorts of kids, adults and food (but all I got was kibbles)! Then they had this big brunch party after church with some 49 adults, which are 98 feet and 98 shoes at the door, another WOW! I restrained myself and lay in the middle of the dining room, and everyone just stepped around me – I was the center of attention! One of the ladies wanted to take me home for a play date, whatever that is! No one stepped on me the entire time. I was a little confused as to my name, I thought it was Toffee, but then everyone called me “cute”!

Then there was Christmas. This was some big deal. A great big tree that they decorated just for me! But then Cheryl put all these big bells all over it and especially around the bottom! Every time I got close to those ornaments, she knew it and called me with “Toffee no”! Lot’s of paper, tissue (one of my favorite things) and of course kids to chase and play with.

Mom, I just want you to know I am trying to use my best manners. I learned to sit on command the second week in December and also know how to sit up, shake hands and dance on command, I love to dance! The sitting I do a lot as I think it might get me a treat. “Toffee, no” is a favorite phrase, but I am catching on to what that means too! The potty “stuff” has been going well to, always when they get me out and my people love it that I go quick! ( I do believe I have it down in the last couple weeks).

Still love the toys that are mine, the raccoon, hedge hog (really love on it as it is like fighting with my siblings) and now a rope. Got another dog for Christmas, but it disappeared, probably in a grand-kido bag to go home! It had a really big head and little body. ( I sent out an email and the lost was found!) They think I am really funny when I get into my “fast dog” mode around the house or start the raccoon on a none stop squeaking stint. 

We took a road trip to LaGrande to stay with some other grand-kidos. Once again my people think I am a great traveler. I sat still and was a great sleeper going over and coming home. Oh, and I love snow. It was so much fun to run and jump in the air to catch snow flakes, to try and pick up the snow balls as they were kicked up and lick the snow off the kids faces. I was not sure about riding in the kids John Deer Jeep, but it was O.K.

Just want you to know that all is well here and hope all are fine there as well. 

Love and slurpy kisses, Toffee
Thursday, October 21, 2010
Harley Blue ~~ (Chickory X Armani)

Hi Debbie!
I really owe you this note of gratitude, it’s a long overdue thank you! How did we get so lucky to get two amazing family members from you? Harley Blue is the best medicine for our broken hearts. He has been just the best little guy. His sweet personality fits right in with our family. He spent the first couple of weeks finding all of the things that Ozzy had hidden around the house and that I hadn’t found. Who knew those cricks and crannies existed in our house? We often tell him that his Uncle Ozzy was just sending him a welcome and good luck. 

Harley is very social and has become great friends with all the dogs in the neighborhood and has a daily play date with them! He is a quiet guy and a big eater, we keep telling him that if he keeps eating that way he’ll grow up to be a standard! 

I also wanted to slip in an inquiry about Chickory. The whole family talks about her and we would love to put dibs in if you ever decide to adopt her out. We would love for that sweet girl to join our family.

Hope you and Steve are well! Hugs!

Audra and family

Madison #2
Mandy X BamBam 2009

Hi Debbie,

I thought you might enjoy this picture taken of Madison on Christmas Day 2009...isn't she pretty? She is a lovely little dog and Pepper is getting used to her.
She is totally house broken and sleeps through the night. I am very happy with her. I don't attach pictures very often so I hope I did this right.

       Thank you,

 Ellen Shimelonis


Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
Tino (Lucie X Armani)

Hi Debbie,

Hope your holidays have been and continue to be wonderful.  

I saw the new pups from Armani and Lucie. If they have half as good a temperament as Tino, they will be supurb. I can't say enough about what a marvelous pup he is. He plays with children, is calm and loving with the elderly, and generally a joy with every one. Even as I write this, Tino is playing gently with an eighteen-month-old boy who is leading Tino around and around the living room on his leash.  

Love to you all,

Christine Hathwell


Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
Tino (Lucie X Armani)

Hi Debbie,

Hope your holidays have been and continue to be wonderful.  

I saw the new pups from Armani and Lucie. If they have half as good a temperament as Tino, they will be supurb. I can't say enough about what a marvelous pup he is. He plays with children, is calm and loving with the elderly, and generally a joy with every one. Even as I write this, Tino is playing gently with an eighteen-month-old boy who is leading Tino around and around the living room on his leash.  

The photo is of Tino at the dog park in October playing tug with a little girl who was there with another dog. Sorry the quality of the picture isn't better, but my real camera is on the blink and these are from my phone.

Love to you all,

Christine Hathwell
Hey Debbie,
Just wanted you to know Mocha(BamBam and Pebbles, born on Feb.16,2009) is doing fantastic.

He is truly the cutest baby I have ever seen. Everytime I went out with him, he has captured lotsss of attention=] And he is absolutely smart and friendly.

We are so happy to have him in life, and thanks for bringing us such a wonderful puppy!


Monday, September 07, 2009  
Tippi Toe (Armani and Lucie 2008)

Hello Debbie,

Just wanted to send a note thanking you for such an awesome young lady!! Ms. Tippi (Armani and Lucie) is my joy, and happiness.

She’s just over a year old now, and there aren’t enough words I can say about her…she’s so smart, and funny! What a hoot when she’s playing with toys, and of course her two best
friends Abu, and Isis our cats. Well Isis gets a workout a couple times a day when Tippi has a wild hair to chase her around the house, but don’t let Isis fool you! She loves to be
chased by Tippi. All three can be found sleeping on Paul’s chest in the evening watching TV, and at night if you can imagine a queen sized bed; two adults, two cats, and a poodle; we
all fit … lots of fun!

I couldn’t imagine my life without Tippi, she’s my side kick, and when I have stressful days at the office, picking her up at daycare, and listening to all the fun stories of Tippi just lifts my
spirit. Tippi is the mascot, and welcomes all the new dogs to day care! Although she’s not too fond of Boxers, all the other dogs must pass the Tippi test before being accepted into day care.

Tippi is fully trained off leash with the best sit/stay, or wait commands I could compare to my previous Boxer! Seriously! She loves to train, and we do fun walks to work on recall. Recall for Tippi is a treat because she’ll run as fast as she can to slam into me for a treat…I don’t know why, but she loves to sprint on recall …hehehehe…

Here is a picture of her after a grooming day; enjoy!! I’ll send better pictures off my camera soon, these are a bit blurry from my blackberry…

Take care, and thanks again for an awesome young lady.

Donna Reineck

August 30, 2009

Hi Deb,

Just letting you know that Winnie (Armani x Lucie 2009) is doing fantastic! We are
so in love with her and she is just full of love back! 

We have had her in training class as a family and she is doing so good. 

We think she looks like her mom, but we've attached a picture for you to see. 

Hope you are doing great! We've looked on your website and looks like you are busy with
beautiful puppies! Hope you had a great summer and thanks again for such a
wondderful puppy!

The Berowski's 
Dear Debbie,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how Sadie (Joy and Bamm Bamm 3/1/09) is doing. Sadie is an absolute delight. She is so smart, sweet and beautiful. Her apricot coloring is just gorgeous and she has such a healthy coat. We are totally in love with her. At first I was a little concerned how our 9 yr old Old English Sheepdog would do with a tiny puppy, but Sadie and Sassy are the very best of friends and play together all the time. Sadie also loves our 3 yr old grandson. The two of them play so well together and love to chase each other around the backyard and play hide and seek. It is really cute to watch. 

Our vet is so impressed with the quality of dog that Sadie is and has had nothing but compliments on your breeding line for breeding such a healthy pup. In fact she has posted your name on her breeder's board for anyone interested in a poodle.

Sadie is quite the cuddle bug and full of puppy kisses. We are so happy that she has such a loving temperament. Her little tail goes a mile a minute all the time. Most poodles do not like their toes massaged, but not our Sadie. She loves to have me rub her toes, then she turns on her back for a belly rub. This is a nightly event now. I say you want your toes rubbed and she is in my lap giving me her paw. Yes, we spoil her, but she is such a great little girl that you just can't help but spoil her. She has learned the difference between treat, being a few pieces of her kibble, and special treat, being her Fastrack Canine Treats. When I ask her if she wants a special treat, she runs to the pantry door and sits until she gets the Fastrack Canine Treat. She loves those treats and they have been a great training aid.

Again, thank you so much for such a great puppy and for being such a conscientious breeder. 

Connie Werschem

Hi Debbie,
We just wanted to let you know how wonderful Winnie is doing (Lucie & Armani 2009) pup #1)! She is such an amazing puppy, full of love and very, very smart. Not to mention, she is absolutely gorgeous (just like her mom and dad).

We are so very happy and are loving her so much as a part of our family!

Anyway, just thought we'd drop you a note and let you know how we are all doing.

Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy!

Chris, Deb, Ashley and Lauren

Tino "The Perfect Puppy"
Lucy X Armani 2009
Owned by: Christine Hathwell


It's been a week (or will be tomorrow). I thought I'd let you know what a perfect puppy this little guy is. No crying or carsickness on the way home. No "accidents." No fear urination. Sweet and friendly with strangers. Follows me everywhere, if allowed.

In fact he has been wonderful from the get-go. He is still "accident" free. He doesn't yip or bark unless there is a really good reason. He goes everywhere (almost) with me and totally enjoys other people.  

He went with my aunt and me to the Idaho Veterans' Home last Thursday and met a number of veterans, volunteers, and staff and was alert and friendly--then curled up in my lap and went to sleep. He was not afraid of the wheelchairs or the walkers. We went to church today. He stayed in the car during the service, but then I went and got him and we sat in the narthex and people came up and said hello to him. Lots of kids of all ages as well as adults. He was great and we'll do it again next Sunday.  

Tino had his first haircut by me today. He looks pretty uneven, but at least we had a go at it and I'll bet he feels cooler. He didn't fight it any more than he does being brushed/combed--which isn't a lot, but more than I'd like. I'm exhausted and he's taking a nap. He has an appointment at the groomer's in a couple of weeks. It's hot in Boise and I'm planning on keeping him pretty short-coated through the summer. I figure that he can go to the groomer's about every three or four months and I'll work on him inbetween. as I get better, well, who knows.

All now,

Joy X Bamm Bamm 2009


This is the sweetest puppy!! Kendall never meets a stranger; he’s so happy to see everyone. He has such a wonderful temperament and so smart! He’s learning so much (good and bad, unfortunately) from the Tibbies. He just has to see them do something once and he has it down. The first time he saw Jazz rolling and rooting in a blanket and doing her wailing, he just stood and watched. Later that evening, Kendall started rolling on the rug and growling a big loud puppy growl! LOL! It was hysterical!

He loves to help Jan with the yard work. She planted a lot on Saturday and he helped dig the holes. Barry watched from his perch on the pond skimmer and Jazz was snoozing on the couch in the air conditioning. There is an edging trench around another flower bed that the overflow from the pond drains into. I overfilled the pond so there was about an inch of water in this 3” deep trench. Of course, Kendall thought it was great fun to run back and forth in this tiny ditch until he got tired and had to lay down in it! That called for his second bath of the weekend! I want you to rest assured that he is never outside alone and that we watch him very carefully around our small pond. He likes to drink from the pond and explore around it but has never shown a desire to be in it. 

We trimmed him for the first time Saturday. He was really good and seemed to like it by the way he raced around the yard. He looks like a poodle now instead of a giant hair ball. We left his top knot and tail, and trimmed his body to about 1/2” long and his face, feet and base of tail to about 1/16”. He is certainly not a “frou-frou” dog! He’s all boy!

Thank you for raising such a sweet, smart and well-socialized little dog. He goes to work with Jan every day and even sits in on the company meetings. He was introduced as one of two new additions to the staff! LOL! He’s mature enough now that his training will begin. He walks well on a lead and knows “sit”. We are having so much fun with him! Thank you!
Deb Henson
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