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                                                                     2020 Updated of our family  

So much has happened in our lives.  There have been many trials and many triumphs and the Lord has continued to bless our family and to take care of each and every one of us in miraculous ways.  Here is our latest pictures on our incredible crew who are also our closest friends!  There isn't anyone we would rather spend our time with than our children and our grandchildren.  The saying, "grandchildren are a parents reward" is so..........very, very true!  We have 9 rewards and they are indeed "precious in His sight"!  Our children and grandchildren are the light of our lives and the fruit of our years together that has multiplied over the years.  For them ......we are thankful.
"Lord, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am."
Steve and Debbie Euker
Our number two son, Matthew (37) and his wife Carrie, & the kids Isaac (14), Rachel (12), Caleb (9)
Our daughter Shylea (32), her husband Braden and beautiful girls Alana (11) & Emberlyn (4)!
Last but not least, this is what Steve and I have been doing!  This year was busy with our precious poodles and sharing them with many of you that are reading this letter.  They are such a gift in our lives and it is a privilege to play a part in bringing a new family member to those of you around the country and abroad.  We thank each and every one of you that has chosen Shiloh Garden Standards & Sapphire Mtn. Miniature and Moyen Poodles! With each puppy that leaves our home, you are getting a part of us and we feel that we are giving you the greater gift.  They continue to bring us much joy and we are so thankful to live the lifestyle that we do on our farm in the country, that enables us to raise this magnificent breed!

Our children and our grandchildren however, remain our greatest treasures on this earth!  Without us, they would not be and without them, who would we be?  We have 9 beautiful and talented grandchildren that are growing up before our eyes.  They are our life, our joy and we are so thankful for each and every one of them.  There is not one person we would rather spend our time with than our family!

 I  continuing to pursue my other passion of the incredible Arabian breed of horses by riding endurance.  We do not breed them, we just ride them and as the saying goes, "ride hard, ride far, ride fast", well that would be us!

My current mounts are three beautiful Arab geldings, Chan & Valor and Steve's horse he no longer rides, who we call the million dollar horse, Nakona. I am hoping to be back out there this year (2020) after a 7 year hiatus due to hospital stays with our granddaughter Alana, injuries, surgeries and just plain ole life and other things taking precedence,
I was born to ride and to ride hard, ride fast and ride very.......far.  They say a woman's place is in the kitchen, well.....I would dispute that to say, "a woman's place is in the saddle in the mountains or wherever their four hooves take you!"

I hope you enjoyed seeing our family and who they are!
Our oldest son, Brandon (40), his wife Lacey & our grandkids Chance (18) & Kylan (16)

​ Our son Samuel (33), his wife Emily and the boys Liam (10) & Eoin (7)
Christmas 2020, Matthew & Sam's Families Celebrating together 
Emily & I at the Camas Creek Canter
Mighty Man of Valor
 Vazs Chan Chan