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From the time the litter is born, we use both NutraCal & Fastrack Canine Gel until they are moved to the stage of eating softened kibble, at which time we transition to the Fastrack Microbial in the powder form sprinkled on their food.
At 3- 3 1/2 weeks they will start on goats milk with organic baby rice cereal and at 4 weeks they will start  onto a softened Puppy Formula as the kibble is very small and perfect for there budding teeth.  They also get a heaping Tablespoon of canned Tripe as a snack once a day. We then transition to the kibble dry to help with any teeth that are still needing to break thru the gums. At approximately  6 weeks of age, we will begin introducing organic meat, (deer, elk or home raised beef)  to their diet. We at this time transition them to the Life Abundance Grain Free Formula Kibble. 
Life Abundance Kibbles can be ordered directly off of my site and is delivered directly to your door.
The link to order can be found on the home page as well as if you scroll down on this page.
The Nu Vet Plus and microbial powders are mixed into their kibble with a drizzle or a pump of Salmon Oil to make the powders stick.
Puppies are born with bacteria free digestive tracts. Despite proper sanitation, the intestines are quickly populated with both desirable and disease causing bacteria. We use Fastrack Canine Gel to inoculate the newborn pups digestive tract with a health promoting bacteria, live yeast cells, enzymes and specialized proteins to promote a healthy digestive tract and improved health & growth. It is a positive balance of digestive tract bacteria, that will boost the puppies health for greater physiological development and less stress at time of weaning. We use the Gel for added support during challenging conditions periodically thru their development, such as when worming, changes are made like going outside of their usual environment to the outside for housetraining, vaccinations, during the weaning process & prior to leaving our home whether its being shipped by air or they are being picked up at the ranch. When changes are made & they are exposed to various environments it is especially essential that they have their nutrient absorption enhanced. I do recommend that you have a tube on hand for traveling, vet visits, future vaccinations and worming, etc.

When the pups begin eating kibble we addthe Fastrack Canine Microbial Supplement in powder form, daily on their food. It comes in a canister form that maintains a healthy digestive tract and is very easy to use and is for all ages from weaning to seniors.

Let me know if you would like me to have a tube or canister available for you for purchase when you receive your puppy as they are not found locally. You can also order directly by going to or click on the links below for any of the canine products and more information regarding them.

We are concerned and committed to providing you with the healthiest puppies that we can, and the longest and healthiest life possible for each and every one of them. We give you our best in genetically testing the parents, the our feeding and nutrition program, love and care, and the best in probiotics & vitamin supplements.

We are amazed at the growing number of families who contact us to replace a pet or poodle that has died due to tumors, cancers, or organ diseases. We have seen how diet and the lack of appropriate nutrients contribute to multiple disorders and diseases such as cancers, dysplasia’s, allergies, arthritis, eyes, skin and coat problems, strokes and heart disease. These are concerns to us and our desire is to do the best that we can to avoid any of the mentioned health issues. We want to do all that we can to ensure long and healthy lives for all of the poodles that leave our home and go into yours.

Although this is not a requirement for any dog acquired from us, we feel strongly enough about the NuVet Vitamin Supplement and have personally seen the benefits in our own poodles as well as through stories from those who have put their dogs on the vitamins, to encourage you to use them for your puppies, adults and older dogs.

It is an excellent supplement for eliminating tear staining which is common in poodles, but more so in the smaller versions of the breed. I purchased an adult standard a few years ago that had terrible tear staining down her face that cleared up completely within a month and has not been a problem while using the NuVet Vitamins. You will also find a noticeable difference in the condition and sheen of your dogs coats. This is the best supplement that I have found on the market today and is available only through the professional breeders and some Veterinarians. NuVet will make up for nutritional lacks in food, as well as any environmental health challenges your pet will face around the various parts of the country.

You will find the PetTab brand of vitamins in your local pet stores and most veterinarian offices, which has a high lead count. This was brought to my attention from another breeder who purchased a poodle from me that worked for the company that makes this product. She used the supplement for years, unaware of the ingredients, and when she had the bloodwork done on one of her adult poodles it was found the poodle had a high led count in her blood. PetTabs have 1.4 micrograms of lead per tablet. Kaolin, the 2nd ingredient in the tablets, is aluminum silicate which is a fine clay used primarily as a filler. Also noteworthy are the various forms of sugar used including corn syrup and sucrose.

For these  reasons, we strongly recommend the NuVet vitamin supplements, Fastrack Probiotics and a high quality kibble such as the Life Abundance Formula's to ensure a long and healthy life for your new family member.  

You can order your Fastrack, NuVet Vitamins and the Life Abundance Products through links below.
All of our toy and miniature poodles prior to being bred, are tested for PRA, Eye Cerf, Knees and Elbows; and we have our miniatures Hips certified with OFA. The toy and miniature varieties of the poodle are fortunate in that hip dysplasia is not a problem as it is in the standard variety. Copies of all testing on each parent of a litter is provided in your puppy packet along with copies of the pedigrees on each parent and your health record for you new puppy.

Further genetic testing details are available at the following links:
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