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A Revolutionary House Training System
WizDog is a great alternative/aid for apartment or condo owners who work full time, as well as a transition tool for winter housebreaking.  WizDog can be used with both your smaller or larger breeds of dogs.  It is an excellent and safe portable potty to use when picking up your puppy or traveling with your puppy before he/she has been fully vaccinated.  It will eliminate the risk of your new puppy trafficking on ground that could potentially be contaminated and contracted or carried on their feet.  It is also great for hotel stays or visiting other peoples homes who don't want them to use their yard as a bathroom, extremely cold days or those mornings where you just can't get out of bed to "let the dog out".

No training pads or dog litter system is involved which is very cost effective as both systems can over time be quite expensive.  WizDog is constructed of an industrial grade plastic tray that is fitted with a honeycomb grate with a glossy finish for easy and efficient cleanup.  The complete system is very light, weighing 3 lbs. with an elimination space of 15.5" x 23.5" that has been designed to fit newspapers.  If your dog weighs over 40 lbs., two trays are recommended.  The grate separates the liquid from the dog's paws and all liquid is absorbed by the newspaper under the plastic tray.  You will never have to put up with wet paws or litter mess being tracked through your home or any shredding of paper.

If your pet uses WizDog to go #2, you simply flip the crate onto the newspaper in the tray and dispose of the mess and paper.  The finish on the crate makes it very easy to clean and sanitize when they do poop.

Those of you who would like to train your current pup or adult using WizDog, it is absolutely amazing how quickly they understand the concept and begin to use their own potty!

Our toy and miniature poodles will be WizDog trained for you before leaving our home, as well as started on their outside potty training in their puppy yard.
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