Sapphire Mountain Miniature and Toy Poodles
 Steve and Debbie Euker - (406) 240-9560
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"Lucie" is our beautiful black miniature female with an absolutely gorgeous face. She is a mirror image of our Miss Rachels Rayeh (Standard) in miniature form. She is constantly by my side as close to me as she can, whether in bed at night, relaxing at home, car rides, or at home on the ranch. If she is unable to go with us and is left at home, she is faithfully waiting and watching for my return.

She absolutely loves to explore the ranch and help do the chores. One time we watched firsthand, a remarkable occurrence, in which she played games with a deer in the front yard, mirroring each other.

Lucie is an oversized miniature standing at 16" at the shoulder and weighs 16#. Coupled with Armani they produced gorgeous and inky black offspring, with gorgeous confirmation and excellent temperaments. 

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